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Airfree DUO CAPSULE Air Sterilizer

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Take full advantage of the air purifying and odour eliminating capabilities of your Airfree Duo by purchasing the Odour Eliminator Capsule. This optional accessory that can be added to the Airfree DUO to offer odour removal for fresh and clean air.

With the help of activated carbon, the capsule effectively eliminates common household odours including smells from cooking and cigarette smoke. All it takes is a light push of a button to activate the capsule, which offers practically silent operation.

While the cutting edge TSS technology will go to work 24/7 to kill microorganisms and create a healthy environment, the capsule can be used as needed. As a result, the lifespan of the capsule can be extended to six months or more. You can enjoy clean, odour free air without having to worry about constantly replacing the capsule.

When it is time for a new capsule, installation is easy. The innovative and user-friendly design will allow you to quickly and easily replace the capsule and continue to enjoy an odour free home.


Product Information
• To be used exclusively with Airfree Duo
• The odour eliminator capsule's replacement frequency will depend on how often it's used.The lifespan of the capsule can be extended to six
months or more.
• Dimensions: 24x50x50 mm
• Weight 29 g
• Made in Europe


Optional Odour Free Capsule

 Enjoy an odour and microrganism-free environment

The odour capsule feature can be used as needed to eliminate odours and help your home smell clean and fresh.
The Airfree Duo’s TSS technology will continue to purify the air 24/7 for a healthy environment and the odour capsule
can be turned on and off as needed.

 Low Maintenance, Long-Lasting Filter

Since the odour eliminator capsule is used on an as needed basis, the lifespace of the filter can be extended to six months or longer.

 Experience a Fresh Smelling Home

When household odours, such as strong cooking smells and cigarette smoke, make your home smell unpleasant, simply switch on the odour eliminator with the push of a button. This powerful capsule will instantly go to work eliminating odours for a home that smells clean and fresh.

 Made in Europe

All the Airfree products are manufactured in modern facilities in Europe. This helps to ensure expert craftsmanship and high-quality products that are built to last.

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